Official Mississippi Premiere of The Color Purple

Event Hosts:

  • Mississippi Black Women’s Roundtable, Cassandra Welchlin
  • Southern Poverty Law Center, Waikinya Clanton
  • Win With Black Women Network
  • Jackson, MS Chapter of The Links, Incorporated, Letitia Johnson

The most incredible group of local leaders and partners attended the Purple Carpet event and the premiere. Following the screening of the film, local news anchor and Links member, Erin Pickens of 16 WAPT led a discussion about the key themes experienced in this timeless story, including love, hope, resilience, forgiveness, the importance of sisterhood, and the power of finding your voice. Additionally, Mississippi organizer and cultural worker Amanda Furdge led a second panel discussion, and three “clapbacks,” held concurrently in the remaining auditoriums of the theater, all related to the rich conversation points explored in the film. 

Other local and national participating panelists and clapback members included, but are not limited to Clanton, Johnson, and Welchlin along with: Dr. Colibri Jenkins, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Specialist; Dr. Ebony Lumumba, Associate Professor of English and Department Chair of English and Modern Language, Jackson State University, First Lady, City of Jackson; Dr. Aisha Nyandaro, Chief Executive Officer, Springboard to Opportunities; Pamela Junior, Former Executive Director of MS Two Museums; Dr. Wendy Mahoney, Interim Executive Director, National Network to End Domestic Violence; Dr. Mary S. Nelums, Ph.D., LCSW Co-Managing partner Clean Slate Behavioral Health Solutions; Jason Gibson, Youth Pastor of Jackson Revival Center and Chairman of Tougaloo College’s History Department; Willie Jones, President, Women for Progress network; and Angelique Lee, Councilwoman Ward 2 Jackson.

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Mental health and emotional well-being matter. The Color Purple provides a blueprint for understanding the effects of harmful experiences in your life as well as the many possible healing pathways for your recovery. Use this guide as a personal self-help resource or as a group discussion guide after viewing The Color Purple. Black psychologists with expertise in facilitating healing and recovery for the community created this resource with you in mind.