About Community Outreach & Rapid Response

The Community Outreach and Rapid Response goal is to strengthen the women in the community during a crisis. According to an ABC News report, 40 percent of Americans are only one missed check from poverty. We want to be the support desperately needed to help women get through a rough patch in life. To accomplish this goal we engage in the following projects and coalitions.

Quarters Because We Care

Quarters Because We Care Project was first developed after the Winter Storm in 2021 when MSBWR partnered with Keyway SuperSudz, Harpers Coin Laundry, and community partners to provide free laundry services to the residents of Jackson. MSBWR kicked this project off again in response to the Jackson Water Crisis, partnering again with Keyway SuperSudz, Harper’s Coin Laundry along with the following community partners: Children’s Defense Fund, Mississippi Center for Justice, NAACP-Jackson Branch, and Southern Rural Black Women’s Initiative. During these two weeks, MSBWR was able to assist over 300 families with free laundry services. Additionally, MSBWR engaged the customers by hearing their stories and information about the work of the MS Black Women’s Roundtable.

MS Rapid Response Coaltion

The Mississippi Rapid Response Coalition was formed in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. MRRC has since responded to crises caused by climate change and failing infrastructure across Mississippi. The Mississippi Rapid Response Coalition (The Coalition) is led by the People’s Advocacy Institute, the Mississippi Poor People’s Campaign, One Voice, MS, Jackson People’s Assembly, Immigrant Alliance for Justice and Equity (IJAE), Alternate ROOTS, Mississippi Moves, Operation Good, Strong Arms of Mississippi, Mississippi Black Women’s Roundtable, Southern Poverty Law Center, and over thirty partner organizations. 

Emergency Assistance

While we advance our policy, civic engagement, and leadership development initiatives, MSBWR recognizes life still happens. Therefore, our community outreach and rapid response initiative provide women with a safety net in times of crisis. Outreach provides a flexible, rapid response strategy to meet specific community needs that do not fit within existing programs and that can be addressed on a one-time-only basis.

CORRI Goal: Strengthen the women in our communities during a crisis. To accomplish this goal, we provide:

  • emergency housing and utility assistance feminine hygiene products to incarcerated women
  • crisis care programs (water and food giveaways, “Quarters Because We Care” laundry support to homeless women, women, and girls affected by domestic violence and communities impacted by deteriorating water infrastructure systems)
  • partnership with public schools to provide menstrual and maternal support to middle and high school girls.
  • partnership with other community organizations to support special populations, including girls with other abilities and LGBT women and girls.

Incarcerated Women's Dignity Support

MS Black Women’s Roundtable partners with Representative Lataisha Jackson to participate in the Annual Hope Luncheon at the Central MS Correctional Facility. The partners who attend can spend time and interact with our fellow sisters through games, food, and great conversations. Over 35 partners from across the state provide women with necessities that we often take for granted, such as feminine hygiene products, soap (different scents), toothpaste, toothbrushes, lotion, lip balm, and socks. We also raffle off some of their favorite things: eyeshadow, lipstick, candy, chips, body wash, and makeup brush sets. It fills our hearts to be able to bring joy to our sisters who are incarcerated each Christmas season. Our sisters know that they are not forgotten and that they are loved.

Community Partners

MS Black Women’s Roundtable works collaboratively with community partners to support women and families in Mississippi.