The Ball is in Our Hands

Register. Vote. Win.

The Power for Change Starts at the Ballot!

Mississippi Black Women’s Roundtable works tirelessly to increase the civic engagement of Black women and girls, equipping them to take their seats at the tables where policies impacting their lives are made. In a state where so few policy decisions are made in the best interest of women–especially Black women–MS BWR knows the importance of exercising the right to vote. Real change starts with you at the ballot box.

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About POTSV:

MSBWR advances the civic engagement of Black Women as voters in order to impact change in our communities and promote concrete policy changes that are responsive to our needs. 

Black women in Mississippi can drive change and lay out a pathway to a better Mississippi. The MSBWR Power of the Sister Vote Project is our part of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation’s (NCBCP) effort to ensure that “the strong voices of Black women are listened to, amplified, and heeded regarding the issues of most importance to us.” 

We do so by:

  • Relying on data and very targeted efforts, we will increase the engagement of thousands of infrequent Black women voters.
  • Conducting regional policy summits to ensure women and girls are educated on the policies that impact their lives and are equipped to respond to and become decision-makers in their local communities across the state.
  • Identifying, educating, and preparing women of color to run in districts that continue to divest resources from its most vulnerable communities. 

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Disenfranchising Crimes

Disenfranching crimes are specific crimes that bar you from voting in the state of Mississippi. People that have been incarcerated for crimes other than those listed below may register to vote and cast their vote by absentee ballot. 

Voter Fraud • Murder  Rape  Bribery  Theft  Carjacking  Arson  Obtaining money or goods under false pretense  Perjury  Forgery  Embezzlement  Bigamy  Armed Robbery  Extortion  Larceny  Felony Bad Check  Felony Shoplifting  Receiving Stolen Goods  Robbery  Timber Larceny  Unlawful taking of motor vehicle  Statutory Rape  Larceny under lease or rental agreement

MSBWR is a state affiliate of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation’s Black Youth Vote! Empowerment Program. We successfully engage and train a new generation of civic leaders and political activists. Through BYV, students, community advocates, and young professionals have gained essential tools that enable them to lead their communities to participate fully in the democratic process, focused on attaining greater social and economic justice in the Black community. 

MS – Black Youth VOTE!

Primary Goals

  1. Educate Mississippi high school and college students via Know Your Rights Training
  2. Create an aggressive, statewide Know Your Power media campaign
  3. Define the impact of the black youth electorate in ALL elections. 
  4. Continue to implement long-range Voter Education And Mobilization Campaigns with existing youth organizations.
  5. Establish MS-BYV! networks on high school and college campuses.