High Road Kitchens in

Jackson, Mississippi

Together, Mississippi Black Women’s Roundtable (MSBWR) and One Fair Wage (OFW) aim to address racial, economic, and gender inequities caused by the sub-minimum wage for tipped workers. In partnership with the City of Jackson, Mississippi and Prince George County, Maryland we will launch the High Road Kitchens program!

High Road Kitchens program was initiated by governors and mayors in 7 states during the pandemic to provide support and training to restaurant owners seeking to raise wages to recruit staff during the greatest staffing crisis the industry has ever seen.  The program is intended to provide critical support to restaurant workers in Mississippi who still only earn $2.13 an hour. The program will serve as a foundation for MSBWR and OFW to advance a statewide ballot measure to raise the minimum wage and end the sub-minimum wage for tipped workers.

Interested restaurant owners inside the City of Jackson, MS who want to support your worker’s ability to thrive not just survive, please complete the link below.