Equal Pay for Equal Work

In Mississippi, 83% of Black households with children under 18 rely mainly on the income from Black mothers (Institute for Women’s Policy Research). Yet, Black women only earn 55 cents to the dollar in Mississippi, and loopholes, such as salary history, in Mississippi’s equal pay laws fail to address the persistent debt of racial pay discrimination impacting our communities.

The Mississippi Act doesn’t prevent employers from requesting an applicant’s salary history and using that to create a pay rate from. Generations of systemic discrimination have led to lower wages for Black women, putting them at a disadvantage when negotiating fair pay.

In our legislative agenda this year, we are working with legislators, including the Mississippi Black Caucus, to create legislation that bans salary history from employment discussions.

Because barriers to equal pay don’t just affect Black women in Mississippi; they echo across generations

We want to hear your experiences with pay disparities and how they’ve impacted you and your family.