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Black Women’s Equal Pay Day is a call to end the wage gap perpetuating economic inequality in Mississippi and beyond. Your voice and support are needed to power change and bring an end to the wage gap so that Black women and their families can live in security and have the freedom to live the lives they envision for themselves. 

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Q&A with Cassandra Welchlin

Cassandra Welchlin on the Wage Gap for Black Women

We sit down with our Executive Director, Cassandra Welchlin, for an insightful discussion of the wage gap for an insightful discussion of the wage gap, its implications, and how Black women can build power through community engagement and lifting the sister vote.

Op-ed in the Mississippi Free Press

Black Women's Equal Pay Day is A Call to Action

"Mississippi succeeds when Black women succeed because Black womenas mothers, leaders, and providers for their familiesare the strength of generations."

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Power of the Sister Vote
Tours Mississippi

Change starts at the ballot box. Join one of MS BWR’s Power of the Sister Vote Boot Camps and get equipped with the tools necessary to power the sister vote and take the wage gap to the polls!