Mississippi Black Women’s Roundtable (MSBWR) shifts power at the voting booth and policy table. The organization is a statewide intergenerational network dedicated to advancing women’s economic security through policy advocacy, increasing civic engagement and voter participation among black women and girls, developing transformational leaders for long-term movement building, and engaging in community outreach and rapid response projects. 

MSBWR works at the intersection of race, gender, and economic justice. The organization is an affiliate of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation/Black Women’s Roundtable.

MSBWR is committed to advancing women’s economic security, empowering transformational leaders, protecting civic engagement, and fighting for change from their kitchen tables to policy tables.

Our Work

Civic Engagement

MSBWR works tirelessly to increase the civic engagement of Black women and girls. It equips them with the knowledge, foresight, and wisdom to confidently fight for policies impacting their quality of life through both political and non-political processes. We stand together to remove barriers.


Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leadership Development establishes a foundation for Black women and girls who have the right capacity and attitude to not only achieve exceptional results in their communities but also develop other leaders. Participants are enrolled in one of several development initiatives including the Black Women Ambassadors Program, the Eva Thompson Leadership Institute for Women and Girls, Our Seats-Our Tables Candidate Training Program, Mississippi Women in the Lead, and the Power of the Purse Program. 

Subsequently, they are taken through a series of professionally designed programs aimed at helping them realize and exploit their full leadership potential while creating an enabling environment for developing other leaders. The programs are designed to build skills in several essential areas: communication, social and emotional intelligence, vision and goal setting, ethical decision-making, leadership styles, and cultural competence.


Advancing Policy 

As the state legislature advances laws that govern and therefore direct the trajectory of Mississippi, the Mississippi Black Women’s Roundtable and its partner organizations that comprise the Mississippi Women’s Economic Security Initiative Coalition demand that women be made economically secure. Women are the backbone of the state’s economy.

And yet, Mississippi continues to break the backs of 49% of its workforce by embracing policies that create barriers to economic mobility, which widen the gaps that bolster economic insecurity.


Community Outreach and Rapid Response

Black women know all too well that a crisis can appear in many different forms: from a global pandemic to eviction notices. As the MSBWR advances our policy, civic engagement, and leadership development initiatives, we recognize emergency circumstances. Therefore, our community outreach and rapid response initiative provide women with a safety net in times of calamity. Our outreach provides a flexible, rapid response strategy to meet specific community needs that do not fit within existing programs and that can be addressed on a one-time-only basis.


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